Thomas Charrette

Sabre Fencing Instructor


  • Thomas Charrette, Sabre Fencing Master
  • 16 Years of Experience
  • Certifications:
      • Degree in S.T.A.P.S.* – 2004
      • Degree of Fencing Master ( B.E. Brevet d’Etat) – 2004
      • Degree of Fencing Master (D.E.S. Diplôme d’État Supérieur) – 2014
  • *Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives

Learn from the best

About Thomas:

  • Christian Bauer, Olympic Fencing Coach, personally coached Thomas for over 12 years
  • Thomas won silver medal at Team Junior World and European Championships
  • Represented France on the National Sabre Team (1996 – 2004)
  • Ranked 54th place globally as a sabre fencer


Thomas is a French government accredited and certified coach with global experience. At his own club in Chicago, his student has placed at the USA National Championship. He also trained a French team in Paris (Club Escrime de Clamart) who won second place in the French Fencing Federation National Competition. Since 2014, Thomas has been teaching in Hong Kong.

Thomas currently runs programs at the following schools:

    • French International School of Hong Kong (香港法國國際學校)
    • German and Swiss International School (德瑞國際學校)
    • Kellet School (啟歷學校), The British International School of Hong Kong
    • SKH Tseung Kwan O Kei Tak Primary School (聖公會將軍澳基德小學)

Programs are for current students only of the above-mentioned school. Schedules, fees and conditions are available via school administration.


How to Register

Thomas teaches at the South China Athlete's Association (SCAA). To learn with Thomas, you'll have to become a member of the association. Details of his classes are below.

Register as a member of the SCAA:

  1. Download and complete the membership application form here.
  2. Bring to the SCAA with your payment and ID proof (HKID or passport).

Once you are a member, then you can register for a private / semi-private / group class.

Register for a Class:



  1. Complete the fencing class enrolment form below and contact Thomas for scheduling.
    • Beginners: Minimum 4 classes and maximum 8 classes. Select “Level 2” & class code:
    • Intermediate and Advanced: Select “Level 3” & class code:
  2. Bring the completed form to SCAA Member Section with your payment.

*Minimum 1 week notice for any cancellation or re-scheduling.

Fencing Enrolment Form:


  1. Complete the fencing class enrolment form above and contact Thomas for scheduling.
  2. Send the completed form and cheque payment, made to SCAA, to Thomas directly.

*Minimum 1 week notice for any cancellation or re-scheduling.




Class schedule opens and registration starts 15 days before the initial day of the class term, so students are encouraged to register as soon as possible as it is first come first served basis. Minimum 3 students for class to go ahead and maximum 10 students. New students may be able to join current classes if there is room and will be charged at a pro-rata rate.

  1. Download and complete the SCAA Training Course/Class Form.
  2. Bring completed form and payment to the SCAA Member Section.

* Group classes are set and no make-up classes are available. Fees are non-refundable except in case of class cancellation.



For private or semi-private lessons – please send a WhatsApp message or email directly to arrange.

Below are the schedules of the school lessons and SCAA group classes.

April 2020

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Tomb Sweeping Day
  • Holy Saturday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • Buddha's Birthday


What You'll Need

Beginners enrolled in the private or semi-private lessons will be provided the equipment listed below. However, you are required to: wear sweatpants, have indoor sports shoes and bring a bottle of water.

For all other levels – you must have the full set of equipment listed below.

Equipment from Fencing Hall either online or at their store in Tsim Sha Tsui (Unit 03&05, 8/F, KIMBERLEY PLAZA ,45-47 Kimberley Road) or Causeway Bay (Room 1202, Fortune Centre, 48 Yun Ping Road).

  • Fencing Jacket
  • Breeches
  • Underarm Plastron (800 Newton)
  • Chest Protector (for those under 14 years old)
  • Electric Sabre Glove (or Fencing Glove with Electric Hand Cuff)
  • Electric Mask
  • Fencing Socks
  • Fencing Shoes (or Indoor Shoes)
  • Mask Wire (2 sets)
  • Body Cord (2 sets)
  • Fencing Bag
  • Electric Sabre with Blade size 5 (Extra as spare for those in competition)

Click the images below for close-up view.


Getting in Touch

Questions about registration for group classes or classes within a participating school are best directed to the relevant club or school administration. The SCAA or school can best assist you regarding payment and registration issues if they haven’t been covered on this website.

Questions about private / semi-private classes scheduling arrangement at SCAA, general private hires and/or media enquires can be directed to the form below (beneath the map) or via WhatsApp. Current students may also contact Coach Thomas directly via WhatApps Messaging.

Drop Me a Line

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